Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Context is Everything

So my mom has been taking classes in efforts of trying to get into Nursing school and finish her degree. We're all very proud of her. Last week was her Spring break so she and my dad went out of town for a few days. My dad kept telling everyone he was going on spring break with a college girl (yes he can be funny too). Well they came back on a thursday and the next night we were all at their house eating a big steak dinner and just talking at the dinner table. My parents were both talking about the vineyard they stayed at the the plantations they saw...suddenly my mom says something along the lines of:

"They really need those slaves!"

...all conversations stops as we all bust out laughing and wonder if she really thought about what she was saying. She went on to explain that the big plantations in VA would not have survived without free labor...but it was another classic "mom" moment.

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