Thursday, June 17, 2010

About My Mom...

I thought I'd start my first post with a bit about my mom. She got married at age 17, had 4 kids (all girls) by age 25. She gave up her career & sacrificed a lot to stay home and raise us all. She's pretty awesome and I love her to death, but man does she say some hilarious things. Here's just a few that have happened more recently:

Me: Mom, Do you think I should go blonde?
Mom: (huge smile on her face) Katie, you know I love ALL my girls blonde.
Kelly (my sister, the only brunette): Mom!!
Mom: Oh. (looks away)

Mom: I just want to go to one more fabric store.
Me (obviously bored out of my mind): No! Please!
Mom: I'll buy you a treat from 7-11...
(I am 22, and apparently she thinks I can still be bought off with a slurpee.)

Mom on dieting: You just have to get used to being hungry all the time.

Mom on nursing a new baby: I looked like a porn-o star.

And her most famous quote...
"Lips make the face. Never go out of the house without earrings and lip gloss."

Thanks mom...

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